PrimeConduct - GDPR & DPO Services


We help our clients achieve compliance with the latest Data Privacy and GDPR regulation so that rather than just being a threat, compliance is an opportunity to streamline processes and enhance the information our clients have currently stored.

We support our clients by undertaking full audits of their systems and processes, recommending improvements, and even implementing them. We help make our clients compliant and their data usage more effective, as well as maintain continuity and ongoing expert support. We help uplift the benefits of enablement rather than face the penalties of enforcement – and in so doing, open opportunities for business growth.

Our services include audit and action plan, training, business transformation and ongoing support. The cornerstone of this support is our Data Protection Officer (DPO) Service. To mitigate the cost associated with employing a DPO directly, we provide suitably skilled and qualified DPO as a service.

We have decades of experience of delivering and managing services in highly regulated industries and have expert in-house skills in the field of security, data management and programme implementation.